I'm A Strategic UX Designer

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About Me

I'm Certified Enterprise Design Thinking Stragiest -IBM and UX & Usability from Human Factor International.
A UX designer focuses on mapping out end-to-end user journeys and improving overall usability and accessibility at all interaction points, while a UI designer crafts pixel perfect digital designs and shapes everything the end user sees. As both a UI and a UX designer, I’m passionate about merging the art of visual design with the complex science of human/computer interaction to create digital products that make an impact.

01. Strategy

Design Thinking
Design Management
Design Strategy
Product Strategy & Roadmapping

02. Information Architecture

Card Sorting
Content Audit
5 Sec Testing

03. UX Design

User Research
User Experience
Wireframes & Prototypes
User Testing

04. UI Design

Visual Design


I leads projects for organisations using design thinking to create impactful and non-obvious solutions to challenges and opportunities.Also works on a personal level with people wanting to create change in their careers and lives.


Programs and workshops with participants learning the process while working on a real-life challenge. This highly effective way of embedding the knowledge allows for the insightful ‘aha’ moments to be experienced first-hand.


As a mentor to individuals and groups leads people through their design thinking journey: teaching them as novices, guiding them as they design, and inspiring them to create remarkable solutions.


I'm passionate, engaging and design thinking subject matter expertise and insights, for powerful catalyst for change.

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