user cntred design process

For every product, main priority is understanding user's need. This enables in documenting product requirements and proposing task to the relevant team members and/or stakeholders with mutual understanding. For in-depth analysis, both formal or informal research of the users is conducted based on their specific needs/pain-points, habits and goals.

Depending on the specific product, these steps may be high level and quickly performed, or they may include greater details. Once the research is complete and user requirements identified, then I propel the team to execute the phases from wire-framing to final design implementation during which I specifically make sure that user feedback is incorporated in every step of the way.

After the finalization of user experience and design, I would prioritize the product development and make all design elements, documentations, design-board and UI-UX assets available for developers.

Once the product is ready for soft-launch, I invite all the users involved in the journey of building this product and take their feedback to evaluate usability and to gather intel for any further improvements needed prior the product launch.